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Release Date: Jan 26, 2023 Secure & Govern 17.9 Release

Public API Support for Issue Remediation

Egnyte Secure & Govern now supports the ability to remediate all issue types via Public API. For more information regarding Public API issue remediation, refer to Issue Remediation via Public API.

  • Supported remediation actions for Empty Group, External Sharing, Individual Permissions, Open Access, Public Links and Unused Group
    • Fix
    • Dismiss
  • Supported remediation actions for Probable Ransomware, Suspicious Login and Unusual Access
    • Deactivate User
    • Reset User Password (suspicious login only)
    • Dismiss
    • Mark as Resolved
  • Bulk Remediation actions will NOT be supported
  • Planned Content Source Support (not confirmed)
    • Egnyte Collaborate
    • MS SPO/O365/OD4B
    • Google Drive

Select Files for Subject Access Request Actions

Users can now select which files they want to include in actions that can be taken on Subject Access Request (SAR) results.


Content Lifecycle Policies for Document Rooms

Users can now create RAD policies for Document Rooms in the same way as can be done for projects, so that files in Document Rooms can be retained, archived or deleted automatically based on the status of the Document Room

Only available to customers with Document Rooms for their Egnyte domains


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