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Introducing Workflow Editing and Other Workflow Changes


Egnyte for Life Sciences Release Date: January 26, 2023

Workflow Editing

Workflow creators and Domain Administrators can now edit in-progress workflows. You can easily add or remove assignees, change the task due date, adjust task reminders, and modify the number of assignees required to complete a task. Additionally, you can edit the task name and description for future steps of the workflow. This feature allows you to make adjustments to your workflows after they are created, so you do not need to cancel and recreate the workflows if you need to make any changes. 

Before saving any changes, you can also provide a reason for the workflow edit, which is recorded in the Workflow audit report along with workflow parameters you have changed.


Assign Group Members to Workflows

The system now allows you to search and select user groups in the Assignee(s) field of workflows. When a user group is selected, all its members will be added to the Assignee(s) field. This feature allows you to easily add multiple users to a workflow without having to manually add each user. Additionally, the system allows you to remove individual users added from the group by deselecting (clicking "x") next to the user's name.

Number of Assignees Required to Complete a Task(s)

The system now displays the following two options when a workflow creator adds two or more assignees to a workflow step:

  1. All the assignees need to take action on the assigned task (default selection)
  2. Option to specify the number of assignees need to take action

The first option is the default selection which requires all the assignees to take action on their tasks but the second option allows you to specify the number of assignees needed to complete the task. The second option is useful in cases where only one or a specific number of the user(s) are required to complete the task.


Task Reminders and Email Notifications

The system now automatically sends task reminders to workflow assignee(s) at two-day intervals before the due date, on the due date, the day after the due date, and then every two days until the tasks are completed. This ensures that tasks are completed on time and that important deadlines are not missed.


The workflow creator users can modify the frequency of task reminders or opt out of sending task reminders while creating a new workflow or editing an existing workflow. This allows for more flexibility on how often reminders are sent to the workflow assignee(s).

The workflow creator and assignee(s) will now automatically receive email notifications when the following changes occur to the workflow status: 

  1. Completion of workflow
  2. Rejection of workflow 
  3. Cancelation of workflow

Tooltips for Canceled Status

The system now displays a tooltip when hovering over an individual assignee's task with a canceled status, explaining the reason for the task cancellation. This feature allows users to understand the reason for a task cancellation. The tooltip can be viewed in the following locations:

  1. The workflow pane of the document preview page
  2. The "Task Assigned to me" tab of the Tasks & Workflows page
  3. The "Workflow I created" tab of the Tasks & Workflows page

The tooltip for canceled status will only be displayed for future workflows.

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