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Improvements for Co-Editing in Desktop App for Windows Version 3.14.7


Desktop App for Win 3.14.7  Release Date:  Jan 23, 2023

Improved Flow for Starting/Joining a Collaboration Session

We improved the flow of opening MS Office files in collaboration mode. From this version, after user starts a new collaboration session or joins existing one on MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint, the dedicated application will open directly - up to this point, a user was first redirected to a web browser and only then, to a dedicated application.

Note: this new flow works only with the newest Microsoft integration 

Issues Addressed

  • Fix for an issue with PowerPoint document not being closed in the background when opening in collaboration mode
  • Fix for an issue with MicroStation uncompressed files being uploaded
  • Fix for an issue with losing version history on InDesign files exported to PDF

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Co-editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
  • For updates on Windows 11 support and known limitations, refer to this article.

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