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Secure & Govern - Duplicate File Remediation


Release Date: Jan 12, 2023 Secure & Govern 17.8 Release

Duplicate File Remediation

This feature allows the user to create “duplicate file jobs” which can be used to identify and delete duplicate files within an individual Egnyte content source. Duplicate files can be deleted individually or in bulk based on how the user wants to address them. More information can be found in the Duplicate File Remediation article.

Automatic Deletion of Stub Files

Customers could have thousands of stub files left in folders, which could still be in use. The stub files not only clutter the folder and create a bad user experience but it could also cause them to run into folder limits in extreme cases. This feature provides the ability to automatically delete stub files after a period of time defined when creating the content lifecycle policy.


Multiple Policy Criteria for Project-Based Content Lifecycle Policy

Refactoring of the project-based policy backend to allow for multiple policy criteria (project and classification) to provide feature parity with file-based policy.

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