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Metadata Support on Egnyte for Salesforce 3.6


Egnyte for Salesforce 3.6 (Jan 5, 2023)

We have added new features that make the integration more customizable and easier to manage.

Metadata on Files, Notes and Attachments

The Salesforce integration now has the ability to stamp additional metadata from the Salesforce record to the file, notes, and attachments when they are transferred over to Egnyte


Customizable Objects for Files, Notes and Attachments

Each object is customizable to whether we pull, delete, or stamp metadata for the Files, Notes, and Attachments. Also admins now have the ability to choose which sub-folder within the Mapped folder they want those files, notes, and attachments to go to.


Users Mapping Options

Admins now have the ability to remove the mapping between Salesforce Users and the Egnyte users on the Egnyte Users tab in Salesforce.


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