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File and Folder Templates in the Egnyte iOS App and End of Support for Apple Watch


Egnyte iOS Mobile App v. 8.14 | Release Date: January 05, 2023

Support for File and Folder Templates

Egnyte Customers who repeatedly use the same structure of files or folders in their processes will now be able to leverage file and folder templates created by their domain admins also in the Egnyte Mobile App. File templates may be useful whenever there is a default file structure which should be replicated when, for example, new presentations, reports, or spreadsheets are created based on the same pattern. Folder templates may be helpful when, for example, a company works on several projects and they should all include the same static list of folders. 

If file and folder templates are created by the domain administrator, they are available in the app and the mobile app user can create files and folders based on them by tapping the ‘Create or upload’ button or the ‘New file or folder’ button and choosing the ‘New file from template’ or ‘New Folder from template’ options.


In order to see which templates are available, navigate to the following folders:

/Shared/Egnyte Templates/File Templates

/Shared/Egnyte Templates/Folder Templates.

To find out more about File and Folder Templates, go to this helpdesk article

End of Support for Apple Watch

On the basis of the research conducted in 2022, Egnyte decided to discontinue support for its iOS app on Apple Watch. Starting from version 8.14, the app will not be available on Apple Watch.

If you want to delete the unsupported version of the Egnyte app from your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Digital Crown to see all your apps on the Home Screen.
  2. Touch and hold the display until the View Options screen appears.
  3. Tap Edit Apps.
  4. Tap the delete button on the app that you want to remove, then tap Delete App to confirm.
  5. Press the Digital Crown to finish.


Go to Apple AppStore to download the latest version of the Egnyte iOS Mobile App (v 8.14) or upgrade to the latest version on all your devices if you already have it.

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