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Egnyte Storage Sync and Meltdown

To address the Meltdown vulnerability, apply a patch to Storage Sync devices running on VMware and Hyper-V.

In order to install the patch, make sure that Storage Sync is currently running version 11.1.1.  If the version is less than 11.1.1, migrate to Storage Sync version 11.1.1 and apply the Storage Sync Meltdown patch. 

Alternatively, version 11.1.3 of Storage Sync for VMware / Hyper-V will incorporate the Meltdown vulnerability and should be available later this month.


Patch Install Steps:

1.  Before installing the patch, make sure that a sync has completed successfully.

2.  Login to the Storage Sync device in a terminal with the egnyteservice account

3.  To download the script, run the following command:

> curl -o

4.  Run the script

> sudo sh ./

5.  After the script completes, choose either to 1) Reboot or 2) Shutdown the device.  




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