Web UI Release (1/5/2018)

This Web UI release features a final change to the updated layout to the Upload Links email and made improvements to the Public APIs

Altered Upload Link text

In our last release, we genericized the upload link email text.  In this release, we fixed the landing page from the Send Files to remove the “using Egnyte” text.

Old versionnew_landing_page_2.png

New versionScreen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_1.24.53_PM.png

Updates to Public API

The public api has been enhanced with the following changes:

  • The Events API will now store up to the last 500,000 events rather than the previous 300,000 event limit.
  • The Trash API now has a separate call for requesting the total count of files in trash.  However, the total count information has been removed from the main listing call.  The reason for this split is that domains with a particularly large volume of files in trash may experience a timeout in the API.  Therefore, the proper order of making the calls is to make a single call to a new endpoint to obtain the total count and then call the version 2 listing endpoint will contain information in the response to indicate whether more files are available to be listed.  
  • Version 2 of the Search API, which provided the ability to search for custom metadata, has also been improved.   In the previous behavior, the response body would only contain values in the namespace that was searched.  In this improved version, now all keys of a searched for namespace are returned, regardless of whether there are values in the key.  
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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