Web UI: Upload Link changes and Search Public API (12/20/2017)

This Web UI release features an updated layout to the Upload Links email and improved custom metadata search in the public API.

Altered Upload Link text

We made a change to the Upload Link email header to better align with custom branding and eliminate possible confusion. Now, instead of “I’ve invited you to send files using Egnyte” it now just says “I’ve invited you to send files”

Old versionold_email_body_2.png

New versionnew_email_body_2.png


We also made the Upload Links landing page more visually appealing by centering the logo and replacing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links with a general agreement.

Old versionold_landing_page_2.png

New versionnew_landing_page_2.png

Miscellaneous Items

The public api has been enhanced to provide more granularity in searching for custom metadata. See the documentation here.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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