Mobile Apps: Android, iOS, and Windows (11/22/17)


Version 7.6 of Egnyte’s mobile app improves the file browsing and selecting experience.

Grid View

Conveniently view your files as high resolution thumbnails while browsing through folders. Grid-View is a direct improvement of the Gallery View feature.



File and Folder Selection

We have standardized our mobile approach for file/folder selection and actions. Whether you're using a company iPad or your personal Android phone, your experience is easy and familiar.




Introducing the new Egnyte Mobile App, version 7.2.1, for iOS. We’ve redesigned the entire application to match the features of iOS 11. A fresh new UI displays an updated, customer-branded design. We also improved the authentication flow for the Microsoft Office 365 integration.


Our latest design brightens Egnyte’s visual appeal with the option to accent your company’s unique color, which can be useful for branded customer demos. Customer demos will appear to come straight from your organization’s own solution.



Microsoft Office 365 App-to-App Authentication

To improve our end users’ onboarding experience, we created a seamless authentication flow. To use Office 365 apps for editing, simply add Egnyte from within the Office 365 app of your choice. We then finish the authentication process for you.


Windows Tablet

The Egnyte Mobile app version 2.4 for Windows Tablet introduces support for Surface Hubs.

Windows Surface Hub

Many enterprises are equipped with Windows 10 enabled conference room TVs. These smart TVs can now run the Egnyte app for Windows. Easily access documents without disrupting workflows.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

Want to connect with other Egnyte users and our Egnyte team? Share ideas and ask questions in our Community .