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Egnyte Connect Desktop App 2.0.6 for Windows (12/07/2017)

Changes include:

  • Added support for Alternate Data Streams (ADS) used by applications like Microsoft Edge, Outlook 2016 and Google Chrome. Information in data streams is not sent to the cloud but can be written and read by third party applications on the machine.
  • Added support to allow the use of custom URLs in place of the domain field during authentication.
  • Added support for the unicode ‘right to left mark’ control character to support Hebrew folder and file names.
  • Fix to prevent Powerpoint files from being locked for a few minutes after they were already closed.
  • Fix to prevent crashes encountered due to faulty third party libraries in some environments.
  • Fix to prevent forced upgrade of application in some cases where the Desktop App is restarted.
  • Fix to prevent size being shown incorrectly as 0kb due to case sensitivity of paths reported by third party applications.
  • Fix to allow creation of a folder with the same name as a recently renamed folder in the cloud.
  • Fix to prevent issue where the ‘Sync for offline access’ was rarely and incorrectly shown for files.
  • Fix for rare issue where files opened in some Office Applications would be incorrectly reported as corrupted due to a mismatch in last modified time.
  • Improvement to locking mechanism to allow users up to 90 seconds to restore a dropped internet connection before file locks are released.
  • Fix to allow the sync engine to correctly identify currently open files to prevent interference with the sync process in folders that are synchronized for offline access.


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