Cloud Migration Manager 1.3 (11/28/2017)

Cloud Migration Manager 1.3 allows admins to detect any users or groups that have not been added to Egnyte and provides the opportunity to add them before the migration process. Admins can now also set a custom name for a Cloud Migration Manager device.

Detect Missing Users and Groups

Detect and have the ability to add missing users/groups that have permissions on the source share to Egnyte before the migration starts. Once the migration starts, any permissions of missing users/groups will not be included in the permissions migration.


Custom Device Name

Keep track of your Cloud Migration Manager devices by assigning a custom name. This can be added during setup or at any time on the Settings page.


Other Updates

  • The admin name and device id are now displayed on the Settings page.
  • When your daily migration capacity is reached, the dialog box now displays the amount of time until the limit is reset and the migration resumes.
  • Fix for issue when changing the administrator would remove the custom API key.
  • Minimum RAM has been increased to 4GB.

For more information, please refer to our Cloud Migration Manager Overview article on the Helpdesk.




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