Storage Sync 11.1.1 for VMware/HyperV (10/19/2017)

Storage Sync 11.1.1 provides additional security to the Storage Sync platform with updated architecture, flexibility for integrations with third-party applications, and modular architecture for seamless upgrades.  

OAuth Support

OAuth enhances the Storage Sync authentication process with the Egnyte Connect Cloud. OAuth expands Storage Sync authentication capabilities such as Two Factor Authentication.  


SSL Certificate Support

SSL certificates support ensures that the Storage Sync user interface is secure with encrypted data transmission, authentication to the correct server, and data integrity between the UI and Storage Sync device.


How to Upgrade

Storage Sync 11.1.1 is built on top of 64-bit CentOS 7.3 version. This requires deploying a new virtual machine (VM) and migrating the data to this VM. The following migration paths are supported for this release:

  • Version 10.3.x → 11.1.1
  • Version 11.0.x → 11.1.1
  • Version 11.1.0 → 11.1.1

For previous versions of Storage Sync, please first upgrade to Storage Sync 10.3.

Please refer to Storage Sync Migration Guide for migration instructions.


Issues Addressed

  • A fix to improve support and performance optimizations for MacOS connected clients 
  • A fix to address a sync issue for adds or updates of files without payload data
  • A fix to improve sync performance following a service restart
  • A fix to address client connectivity and performance when ntpipe is disabled
  • A fix to allow users named "admin" to be auto-mapped



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