Non-admin Access, GDPR Compliance Policy, Configurable Issue Severity, and More! (9/1/2017)

Non-admin access

You can now invite Power Users from Egnyte Connect domains into your Egnyte Protect tenant. By default, these users will be assigned the Non-admin role. These non-admin users see only issues and sensitive content that pertain to files and folders for which they have at least read-only permissions on the associated Egnyte Connect source. Non-admin users can ignore and fix issues that they can see. They cannot change settings.

You can use this capability to delegate the review of issues and sensitive content to line-of-business employees, such as the head of HR or Finance. These individuals will often be the ones with the necessary context needed to know how to disposition issues.

Non-admin users are invited via the Users sub-tab in settings.

European Union PII patterns and GDPR policy (BETA)

Personally Identifiable Information patterns for 15 EU member states and a new GDPR policy is now supported in beta form.

PII and personal finance patterns supported: national identifiers, banking information, healthcare system identifiers

Currently supported countries: Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria

Egnyte Protect will support all 27 EU member states plus the UK in the near future, at which point the EU PII patterns and GDPR policy will be moved out of beta.


Configurable issue severity range

You can now specify the minimum and maximum severity of a given issue type via the Analysis Rules settings sub-tab.


Export Sensitive Content locations

The list of locations containing Sensitive Content can now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. This includes the matching policies, sensitive file count and risk for each location.


Date range filter for Sensitive Content view

A date range filter is now included on the Sensitive Content tab, allowing you to filter the list of sensitive content locations based on Updated timestamp.



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