Egnyte for SAP Portal

Egnyte Connect for SAP Cloud Platform helps to extend your SAP portal sites with smart content collaboration and governance capabilities. This article covers the basics of how to install, set up, and use Egnyte Connect in your environment.

Installation and System Requirements

  1. Prior to using Egnyte Connect for SAP Cloud Platform, you need to create an Egnyte Domain. To register an Egnyte Domain please visit - Egnyte Trial Domain to get started.

  2. After your domain creation is complete, create an SAP portal application and install the Egnyte Connect widget.


Note:  This integration needs to be enabled by Egnyte - it cannot be completed without our assistance. Please contact us to discuss deployment options


This integration was created with SAP customers in mind, and comes pre-configured for your convenience. Simply access your SAP Portal as part of your normal workflow, and Egnyte Connect is embedded directly on your screen. You can now discover, access, share and collaborate on your important documents with confidence.

Here are the following steps to get started.


1. Log into your SAP Portal


2. Access your Egnyte documents embedded right within the portal. Users are able to perform all the complex content management tasks from the applications your organization works in every day.

  1. Enjoy out of the box integrations that Egnyte has with partners like Slack, DocuSign, and Microsoft Office to optimize your business workflows.


     Share File/Folders in Slack.






Microsoft Office Online



Limitations and Constraints 

  1. This integration is available for deployment directly through Egnyte. Please contact us to discuss deployment options.
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