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Issues Tab

By default, the Issues tab displays all open issues found by Egnyte Protect, across all content sources. You can narrow the list of issues shown by using the filters in the lefthand pane. For instance you can choose to see only issues of a specific type, or those issues found after a certain date. By default, the issue list is sorted by issue update time, with newest issues on top.

Each issue is assigned a Severity score based on the issue type and the nature of the item to which the issue pertains. For instance an Empty Group issue has a severity of 1, whereas a Public Link issue that concerns a file with sensitive content may have a severity of 9. You can sort by issue severity to help you quickly review and triage the most important issues.

Note that new issues won’t automatically appear while you remain on the Issues tab. To show new issues and any updates to existing issues, click the Refresh button at the top right.


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