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Built-in Patterns

Egnyte Protect can look for several patterns of sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, etc. These built-in patterns are grouped together for your convenience in information categories such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Banking Information. You can select any of these information categories in your custom policy so that a file containing any of the included patterns will be matched with your policy.


When you select a regional jurisdiction, the patterns specific to the region will be available under each information category. For example, selecting the UK jurisdiction will make the National Insurance Number pattern available under the Personally Identifiable Information category.


Personally Identifiable Information - Includes personal identifiers such as national insurance numbers, passport numbers and driver’s license numbers, which can uniquely identify an individual within a region. For example, a Social Security Number can uniquely identify a US resident while a National Insurance Number can uniquely identify a UK resident. The following are the patterns for each region grouped under this category:



United States

Social Security number, US Driver’s license number

United Kingdom

National Insurance Number, UK Driver’s license number


Social Insurance Number

Driver’s license number for the following provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia

European Union

Ireland: Personal Public Service Number

France: Social Security Number, INSEE Number, Tax Identification Number

Germany: Tax Identification Number, German Residence Permit, German ID Card

Austria: Central Register of Residence ID (CRR-ID), Sector Specific PIN (ssPIN), SourcePIN

Sweden: Personal Identity Number, Coordination Number, Organization number, Identity Card Number

Italy: Fiscal Code

Spain: National Identity Number, Tax ID Number, Foreigner Identity Number, Tax Identification Code

Netherlands: Citizen Service Number (formerly known as Social Security number), Education number, ID card number

Luxembourg: National Identification Number, Tax ID / Registration Number

Belgium: National Register Number, Foreign ID number, ID Card Number

Denmark: Personal Identification Number, Civil Registration Number, Replacement number

Finland: Personal Identity Code, Finnish Unique ID number

Portugal: Tax Identification Number, Civil Identification Number, Citizen Card document Number

Poland: Public Electronic Census System Number (PESEL), Regon number, Tax ID Number, ID card number

Bulgaria: Unified Civil Number/Unique Citizenship number, ID Card number, Foreigner Personal Number


Greece: Identity Card, Social Security Number, Tax Identifier


Croatia: Personal Identity Number, Citizen Number


Cyprus: Identity Card Number, Tax Identification Number


Czech Republic: Birth Number


Slovenia: Citizen Number, Tax Identification Number


Estonia: Citizen Number


Slovakia: Birth Number


Romania: Personal Identification Number


Malta: Identification Number


Latvia: Personal Code


Lithuania: Personal Code


Hungary: Tax Identification Number, Tax Number


Driver's License numbers for licenses issued in each of the above countries.

All regions

Passport number


Payment Information - Includes payment identifiers such as credit and debit card numbers and Magstripe track data that can uniquely identify a payment account associated with an individual.


Banking Information - Includes banking information specific to an individual account. The patterns in this category consist of:

  • International Bank Account numbers (IBAN) - an international standard under ISO 13616:2007 for identifying bank accounts across national borders.
  • Regional bank account numbers - Combinations of a regional bank identifier and a bank account number. The mostly widely used bank identifiers are the SWIFT codes, otherwise known as the Business Identifier codes (BIC), which are part of the ISO 20022 standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. Apart from the SWIFT codes, the following bank identifiers are detected for each region:


Local bank identifier

United States

ABA Routing number

United Kingdom

UK Bank Sort code, SWIFT code


Canada Routing number, MICR/Transit number, SWIFT code

European Union

SWIFT codes for the 27 EU countries

Ireland: National Sort Code

France: Bank Identity Statement (RIB)

Germany: Bank Code (BLZ)

Austria: Bank Code (BLZ)

Sweden: Clearing Number

Italy: Bank Code (ABI/CIN/CAB/Conto)

Spain: Customer account code (CCC)

Denmark: Full domestic number, Bank Registration Number

Portugal: Bank Identifier Number


Personal Health Information - Includes health identifiers and patient information specific to an individual. The following are the patterns for each region grouped under this category:



United Kingdom

National Health Service (NHS) number,

Community Health Index (Scotland NHS) number


Personal Health Number (PHN) for Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba provinces

European Union

Ireland: General Medical Service number, Drug Payment Scheme number

Germany: Personal health insurance number (KVNR), Pension insurance number (VSNR/RVNR), Social Security Number

Austria: Social Insurance number

Italy: Health insurance number

Spain: Social security affiliation number

Portugal: Social Security Number, Healthcare user number


Partially Personal Information - Includes partial identifiers that can be combined together an individual. The following are the patterns under this category:

  • Contact Information - Combinations of contact details for an individual such as telephone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses.
  • Date of Birth, Ethnicity terms
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