Custom Keywords

Aside from the built-in patterns in Egnyte Protect, you can also search for any of your own keywords such as trademarks, industry terminology, internal R&D project names, etc. through a Custom Policy.

1) When adding a Custom Policy, click on the "Configure" button for Custom Keywords.


2) To add custom keywords, you can enter one phrase per line in the text boxes within either tab in the Custom Keywords pane, to be either exactly or approximately matched.


3) You can either look for exact matches to your keywords, as in the case of names, or for approximate matches, to find similar text (e.g. “apple” will match “apples”). Depending on the type of the desired match, enter keywords in the appropriate box.


4) Each custom policy can contain a maximum of 1,000 keywords in total. A count of the total number of keywords at any time is displayed next to the pane header.

5) Each keyword can be up to 100 characters long (including spaces).

6) You can also upload a CSV or text file with your keywords, one keyword per line. The uploaded keywords will be appended to the end of the current list of keywords in the corresponding box.


7) If you try to save a policy with custom keywords that do not adhere to the above guidelines, a corresponding error message will be displayed.


8) Keywords that consist only of very commonly used words in the English language, such as “the”, “an” etc. are not permitted as they would generate too many matches to be useful. Any such keywords will be omitted from the policy.



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