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Egnyte Connect Desktop App 2.0.3 for Windows (08/24/2017)

Updates Include:

  • Added a new install parameter ED_SILENT that prevent users without drives being prompted to add a drive. This allows admins to have full control over the configuration process.
  • Added chunked upload mechanism to improve stability when uploading files larger than 5 GB.
  • Better messaging when users are prevented from moving or renaming locked files.
  • Added the ability for the app to discover and connect to a Turbo device.
  • Improvement to internal communication method for updates to sync status indicators to prevent stalling the Windows explorer process.
  • Improvement to prevent pop-up notifications for temporary files created by SolidWorks.
  • Fix to prevent users seeing a message ‘could not access network location 0\’ upon install.
  • Improvement to allow case-insensitive file system operations.
  • Fix to prevent previous versions of DWG files being deleted when they are saved through the Desktop App.
  • Fixes to prevent Desktop App requiring a restart for saving and locking mechanism to work correctly for drives added through the command-line.
  • Fix to prevent data loss from deleting files in the cloud when the local copy of the file is a 0kb file that is deleted.
  • Fix to prevent internal sync folder structure creation for old drives being unnecessarily recreated upon addition of new drives.
  • Fix to prevent users from being able to upload files with unsupported control characters.
  • Fix for issues encountered with Two Factor Authentication for drives added through the command-line interface.


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