Note: This option is available only for Storage Sync 11.x. Egnyte has removed it from Storage Sync 12.x.

Optimization for Mac Environments can be turned on to improve performance when connected to Storage Sync. When accessing the Storage Sync share from a Mac client, file system operations like browsing folders, accessing files, and moving files can be sped up by enabling this setting.

When enabling, users that are connected to Storage Sync will need to reconnect to the share. 

Note: This setting should be used in environments where the majority of the clients are Mac. In mixed environments, Mac Optimization can be enabled however, some applications on Windows clients may not be compatible with this feature enabled.  

Enable Mac Optimization 

Enabling Mac Optimization on Storage Sync for VMware/Hyper-V

  1. In the Storage Sync UI, navigate to the Device Settings tab.
  2. From the System Configuration page, scroll down to the Advanced section.
  3. Enable the slider to turn on Mac Optimization.
  4. When the confirmation screen appears, click Yes, enable.
  5. Click Save.