Web UI: Restrict Power Users' View of Groups and More! (8/21/2017)

This Web UI release features the ability to restrict power users’ view of groups and updates to Egnyte University.

Restrict Power Users’ View of Groups

Administrators can limit visibility of group memberships to only the groups to which that power user manages or belongs to. This setting can be modified under Settings → Configuration → User Types & Roles → Power Users → can view Users & Groups.


Egnyte University Updates

  • Based on customer feedback, we have renamed Webinars to Live Training.
  • Quickly find your relevant content with new filters for Egnyte Connect versus Egnyte Protect, Live Training versus Recorded Training, and categories for tutorial videos.

Take a course on Egnyte University and learn more about our Egnyte products and features.

Other Updates

  • The maximum size for files uploaded via upload links has increased from 10 GB to 25 GB. If the maximum file size for your domain is less than 25GB, your domain’s maximum size will be honored.
  • When a user connects their first drive, Egnyte Connect Desktop App will send a welcome email.
  • In a previous release, we extended keeping expired/deleted links from 30 to 90 days. We have now also extended expired/deleted upload links to 90 days.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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