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Egnyte for Microsoft Teams

The Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration allows users to effectively integrate Egnyte's powerful file sync and sharing capabilities within Microsoft Teams. This article covers how to use Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration. This integration currently is available in both Desktop and Web version of Microsoft Teams.



With this integration, you can do the following within Microsoft Teams:

1. Pin an Egnyte folder to a Microsoft Teams tab


2. Create multiple Egnyte tabs in one team, each pointing to a different folder

3. Each tab can point to a different domain, pinned to a separate project folder

4. Only Egnyte admins can configure the Egnyte folder to show in the tab

5. Users will be able to see only folders they have access to based on their Egnyte account

Installation and System Requirements

Egnyte Tab

Egnyte for Microsoft Teams tab app is available in the Microsoft Teams public view. 

1.Egnyte Tab can be added from the (+) section of the Team's Channel. Clicking on the (+) symbol should show Egnyte as one of the App options.

2. Once you select the Egnyte app, you get a modal window to configure your Egnyte Domain



4. Once you enter the domain name the Egnyte tab will be pinned to your Channel with "Shared" as the default starting folder



5. An Egnyte Admin who is also a member of the relevant Team can configure a new default starting folder by clicking the "Configure default folder (Admin only)" link in the top bar

6. The admin authorizes and chooses a team specific folder in Egnyte and your team is all set to collaborate on that folder




Note, you can re-configure your default starting folder at any point. Should the need arise, you are also able to log out of your domain and log back in as a different user.


Limitations and Constraints

1. The access to execute 3rd party Integrations like Office Online, DocuSign, Slack etc from the context menu or from the New button is not available in the Desktop App version of Teams and will only be available from the Teams Web App and this is because the technical framework of the Teams Desktop App does not support opening a tab/window.







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