Audit Reports, Permitted Sensitive Content Locations, and More! (7/25/2017)

Audit Reporting

An audit trail of user actions within Egnyte Protect is now maintained. You can export an audit report of all user actions over a specified period of time. User actions that are audited: Login, Issue ignores, Issue fixes, Sensitive Content match views.

Audit reports are accessed from the Settings tab.


Permitted Sensitive Content Locations

Some folders are expected to contain certain kinds of sensitive content. For example, files with personally identifiable information would not be out of place in HR folders. You can now mark this content as permitted in specific locations directly from the Sensitive Content view. Just click on the red X for a given policy, which will switch it to a check mark indicating content matching this policy is OK in the given location.


By default, only locations with unpermitted content are shown in the Sensitive Content view. This allows you to review locations periodically and narrow down to only locations with unpermitted sensitive content over time. You can of course choose to see all locations containing sensitive content by turning off the Unpermitted Content switch in the filter pane.


Sensitive Content summarized in dashboard

Three new widgets have been added to the dashboard view:

  1. Locations with Sensitive Content by Risk - pie chart of the distribution of locations containing sensitive content, broken down by risk score.
  2. Locations with Sensitive Content by Policy - bar chart of the distribution of locations containing sensitive content, broken down by policy. This is a bar chart rather than pie chart because policies are not mutually exclusive (i.e. they may add to more than 100%).
  3. Sensitive Content Overview - summary of the number of files that were classified (i.e. classifiable files which is a subset of total files), the number of files found to contain sensitive content and the number of active classification policies.

Canadian classification patterns

A new Canada classification locale has been added. The following patterns are part of the Canada locale:

  1. Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  2. Health care numbers for British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
  3. Driver’s license numbers for all provinces and territories
  4. Canadian bank account numbers
  5. Canadian telephone numbers

Last updated timestamp in Sensitive Content view

An Updated column has been added to the Sensitive Content view. This timestamp will change whenever the list of matching classification policies for a given location changes or the risk score of the location changes. You can sort by Updated to see the latest changes.

User who ignored a given issue indicated

The user who ignored a given issue is now show in the issue detail pane, along with the timestamp of when the issue was ignored.

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