Cloud Migration Manager 1.1 (7/6/2017)

The Cloud Migration Manager 1.1 release facilitates a seamless on-boarding process with the ability to provide insight into your migration, increase your daily migration capacity, and automatically upgrade when a new release is available.

Hyper-V Support

Administrators can now deploy Cloud Migration Manager on the Hyper-V platform in addition to the VMware ESXi platform.

Increase Daily Migration Capacity

If the current migration job time estimate is greater than your planned downtime, consider modifying your migration strategy to reduce the time to complete the job and get your data into Egnyte faster. Have limited time to onboard to Egnyte? Increase the amount of data that you can migrate per day by adding a custom API key.



Customize Your Account

Change the administrator account or add or modify a custom API key  to increase your daily migration capacity on the Settings page. The Settings page can be accessed on the right side of the top bar.



Always have the latest features and security patches for Cloud Migration Manager. Upgrades are non-disruptive and will automatically occur while a migration is not in progress or the device is idle.

Other Updates

  • Set a static IP address for your Cloud Migration Manager VM using the new service account.
  • Migration reports now include a status description to quickly understand the status of each file and folder.
  • Onboard to Egnyte even faster with our performance improvements.

Upgrade Path

Cloud Migration Manager 1.0 or 1.01 --> 1.1 requires deploying a new VM. Starting with Cloud Migration Manager 1.1, all versions have automatic upgrade. 



Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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