Okta Provisioning Guide

Follow the below instructions to provision users from Okta 

1. To begin, first ensure that your Egnyte application on Okta has been completely configured. Please refer to the Set up Okta for Egnyte article.

2. Go to the “Provisioning” tab in Okta and check the “Enable Provisioning Features” box. You will also need to click on the “Authenticate with Egnyte” box to generate the authentication token.


Note: You may have disabled some of the additional features on the “Provisioning” page. The following steps are assuming that all of the features are enabled.

3. When you are finished with the “Provisioning” you can begin assigning Okta users to Egnyte by going to the “People” tab and clicking on “Assign to People”.


Note: Select the user(s) that will be using the Egnyte application.

4. Examine the user information and ensure the following fields contain the correct information.

  •  User Name – username to be used on Egnyte, please ensure there are no special characters or white spaces in the “User Name” field. If your users were created to have the domain suffix included (e.g: ‘acme@acme.com’), then you will need to remove ‘@acme.com’ as Egnyte does not support special characters.
  • User Type – Egnyte user type (For more information on each user type, please click here).
  • Authentication Type – SSO or Egnyte


5. After finishing the assignment, the user should automatically be provisioned into Egnyte. If the user does not show up in Egnyte, then it is highly likely that the provisioning did not go through due to a “Task” that appeared. To check “Tasks”, go to “Dashboard” > “Tasks” and correct any that have appeared. The application should be able to provision afterwards.

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