Increase Migration Capacity

Cloud Migration Manager provides self-serviced, data-at-scale migration capabilities combined with usability features expected from an enterprise-grade product. Seamlessly migrate all of your files, folders, and folder permissions from an on-premises server to Egnyte. Cloud Migration Manager is deployed as a virtual appliance which runs on a range of supported virtual machines from VMware ESX/ESXI and Hyper-V 2012/2012R2 platforms.


Migration Capacity

Cloud Migration Manager uses Egnyte's API to migrate data and permissions from your on-premises server to Egnyte. An API key determines how many objects, where an object is a file, folder, or folder permission, that can be migrated per day. An API key is connected to a specific admin user and a specific domain. Cloud Migration Manager has a default API key. However, we recognize that some customers' migration strategies require modifications to the default API key. In this case, please follow the below steps to get and attach a custom API key to your Cloud Migration Manager instance.


Get Custom API Key

1. Register for an Egnyte Developer Account. Ensure the following fields are filled out as below.

Name of your application: Cloud Migration Manager

Type: Publicly Available Application

Egnyte domain you will use for testing: {Your_destination_domain}


2. Email with your request to increase migration capacity

3. In the Developer Portal, get your newly activated key and secret under My Account --> Keys.


Attach Custom API Key to Cloud Migration Manager

1. In the Cloud Migration Manager UI, click on Settings.


2. Click on Add Custom API Key


3. Enter the API key and secret


4. Re-authenticate with your Egnyte admin credentials. Allow Access.



Change or Remove Custom API Key

1. On the Settings page, click on Change API Key.


2. Enter in the new API key and secret. To remove custom API Key and restore default key, leave both fields blank. Click Continue.


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