Egnyte for iOS 6.9 (6/15/2017)

The Egnyte Mobile iOS 6.9 release features a select all button and improvements to the file access and upload experiences.

Select All Button

Quickly select all files in a designated folder with the new Select All button instead of manually choosing the individual files.

File Access Improvements

We know that network access isn't always guaranteed on your mobile device. Hence, we made some dramatic improvements around file access so that your experience is more consistent, whether you have internet connection or not.

  • Instead of making the end users wait, files opened from the offline tab will open immediately. End users will be notified of if there are updates available and are given the option to update or download later.
  • When trying to access files from the regular files tab, we've improved the file preview logic so that it's less likely for you to be left with no file preview, under unstable network connections.


Upload Improvements

Easily upload large files to Egnyte to save space on your phone with our improvements in large and multi-file upload behavior. After an upload completes, we intelligently clean the cache for you to conserve your disk space.

Other Updates

  • We now support authentication flows such as SSO that utilize custom URLs as well as our standard authentication flow
  • Minor adjustments to improve the file/folder sorting experience
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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