Item Search, Export Filtered Issues, and Classification of Archive File Formats (6/12/2017)

Item search

You can now filter the issue list by searching for a given item name or path. The search is a “contains” search on the Item column in the issues list. E.g. typing “key” would match “key”, “keyhole”, “monkey”, “monkey bars”, etc. Search is within the currently filtered view.

If you start the search with a slash (“/”), the search is a “starts with” search instead. This allows you to search for specific absolute paths such as “/Shared/Documents/Drafts”.


Export filtered issues

You can now export the current filtered list of issues to an Excel spreadsheet. Only issues in the view, corresponding to the currently applied filters, will be exported. This allows you to narrow down to a specific set of issues to export.


Classification of archive file formats

Archive file formats, such as ZIP, are now supported for content classification. Files contained within such archives will now be classified. Matches found in files contained within the archive are attributed to the archive file itself.

Supported extensions: zip, 7z, bz2, cpio, jar, rar, tar, gz, xz, tgz

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