Turbo is the next generation hybrid technology platform from Egnyte. This solution combines the performance and scalability aspects of Storage Sync along with many new and compelling end-user and Administrator features as listed below. 

  • Single Drive Letter: End-users can access files on Turbo with Egnyte Desktop App installed on their laptop. This implies that users can access their files stored on Egnyte cloud or on Turbo device through a single drive letter. When users are at home, Egnyte Desktop App automatically connects to the cloud. When users are present in their office, Egnyte Desktop App connects to the device if there is one deployed in their Local Area Network. 

  • Global File Locking: With Turbo, Egnyte Desktop App users can ensure that when a file is opened for editing, the file is locked and is not editable by any other user. Global File Locking is enforced if a user opens the file on the residing device, and another user tries to open the same file in the cloud or on another Turbo device at a different physical location.

  • Automatic Discovery and Location Awareness: Users who travel between different offices can continue to use Desktop App to access files stored in Turbo devices at each location (if they are authorized to access the Turbo device at each location). The Desktop App discovers the nearest device based on certain network tests (bandwidth and latency check) and connects to the appropriate device or the cloud. This way, users can easily move between offices and still access their files in the most optimal manner by using the Desktop App.

  • Cloud Management: Turbo devices can be easily monitored and managed in the cloud. IT administrators can check the device status for synchronization, authorize users or groups for access or perform software upgrades remotely for all the registered devices.


Ready to install? Proceed to the Turbo download page to review the system requirements, download instructions and product guide.

Need help or have questions? Please contact us at turbo-feedback@egnyte.com