My Links FAQ

Why can’t I see My Links, or Links I’ve Shared?

  • If you can’t see Links I’ve Shared, this is because you are a Standard User and do not have capabilities to create share links
  • If you do not see the My Links tab, your administrator has disabled the share link feature entirely

Why can’t I access the link anymore?

  • The link may have an expiry setting, either by a certain date or number of clicks
  • The link may be deleted
  • The creator of the link may have lost permissions to the file or folder
  • Your administrator may have disabled sharing links

If your link looks active but the link says it’s invalid, the folder that the share link was created from may have had share links disabled as a setting for that specific folder.

Why don’t I see a link under Links I’ve Shared?

The link refers to a file or folder that you may have lost permissions.

Why don’t I see a link under Links I’ve Received?

The link refers to a file or folder that the creator may have lost permissions.

Why is my link disabled?

  • The file or folder may have been deleted
  • Your administrator may have disabled a specific sharing feature.  For example, if the administrator turns off sharing for Standard Users, the Standard Users' previously created links will be shown as disabled.

What happens to links I’ve created if I lose access to a folder?

  • The share links are no longer accessible
  • The receivers of the links will not see it under “Links I’ve Received” anymore
  • You will not see the links under “Links I’ve Shared”
  • If you gain permissions back to that folder, the links you shared previously will not be recoverable

What happens to links created by users who are deleted or deactivated?

If a user is deleted,

  • Administrators will get an email notification with a report to show how many active links were created by the user
  • Share links will still be accessible and active until you delete them as an administrator. However, the share link will be shown as a deleted link for other users under Links I’ve Received
  • Upload links will no longer be accessible and cannot be recovered

If a user is deactivated,

  • Share links and upload links will still be accessible and viewable 

Can I reactivate a deleted link?

After you delete a link, you cannot reactivate it. 

Why can’t I create a link in a specific folder?

  • Folders can have specific settings where creating share links can be disabled. The options to disable are for files and folders, files only, or shared public links
  • Contact the admin or owners of the folder to change the setting if needed
  • If you previously created a link for a folder where sharing settings were disabled for that specific folder, that link is permanently disabled and cannot be re-enabled if the settings are reversed

Why can’t I change a specific setting when creating a new share link?

Administrators can apply settings for links, such as:

  • If users can share file, folder, or upload links
  • For file and folder links, enable or disable specific link security types, such as sharing with anyone, account users, recipients only, or with a password
  • Default expiration, such as limiting the number of days from the creation date, or the maximum number of clicks allowed on a link

Why don't standard users appear in the "Created by" search filter?

The filter for user search doesn’t show standard users in domains where admins have disabled link sharing for standard users.


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