Storage Sync: 11.0.6 for Netgear (5/25/2017)


  • A fix for a specific permission flow that previously did not get handled correctly.  Users that do not have permissions to an intermediate folder level, will now have navigate permissions to get to a child folder with accessible permissions on the Storage Sync device.
  • A fix for files that have been locked due to a 403 error will now be synced after the lock has been released
  • A fix for an issue where the initial sync fails due to a missing sync database
  • In a specific case, a fix addresses an issue where sync previously miscategorized a folder.  During a filesystem scan, sync skips objects that are not a file or folder.  The fix assumes the object to be a folder to protect itself against this.  
  • A fix for a rare workflow where a folder was moved/renamed both in the cloud and on the device.  The sync process ignored the folder rename due to an issue with mixed cases.
  • A fix to ignore 400 errors that led to an unnecessary wait period for syncing small files
  • A solution to disconnect the firmware update of Storage Sync.  A manual upload of the Storage Sync package is now required.
  • A fix to address user mappings in the Storage Sync UI from being displayed



Storage Sync 11.0.6 can be directly updated from versions 10.2.5 and above. This requires first updating the NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware to at least version 6.7.1.  After the firmware update, NETGEAR admins will need to manually add the Storage Sync install package through the Apps tab in the ReadyNAS user interface.  Devices already on 11.x Storage Sync can use the auto-update schedule to automatically update to 11.0.6.  

For devices on 10.x and prior, download the package for Storage Sync for Netgear from the Egnyte Helpdesk and save it to a local computer.   Use the Netgear UI Apps tab to upload and install the new Egnyte Storage Sync package.

Prior to updating Storage Sync, please ensure that the NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware has been updated to at least 6.7.1

The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

  • Version 10.2.x → 11.0.6  [Manual upload after firmware update]
  • Version 10.3.x → 11.0.6  [Manual upload after firmware update]
  • Version 11.0.4 → 11.0.6
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