Cloud Migration Manager 1.0 (5/16/2017)

Egnyte is excited to introduce our new product, Cloud Migration Manager! Cloud Migration Manager provides self-serviced, data-at-scale migration capabilities combined with usability features expected from an enterprise-grade product. Seamlessly migrate all of your files, folders, and folder permissions from an on-premises server to Egnyte Connect.

Seamless Migration of Files, Folders, and Folder Permissions

Cloud Migration Manager allows administrators to complete the migration process efficiently by choosing what to migrate and when. The entire process is handled for you, including the transfer of files, folders, and folder permissions from a network share to your Egnyte Connect domain.


Self-service and UI-driven Workflow

Let the UI guide you through the entire migration process, which utilizes standard migration best practices. While the migration is in progress, you can follow the current status of the migration and after each step, a summary is displayed for a quick review.

Detect and Migrate Changes

Sometimes a user will forget that a migration is in process and modify files. Cloud Migration Manager ensures the most up-to-date files, including newly created files and folders, reach the Egnyte Connect cloud. Also, all file and folder changes are recorded in the migration report.

Archive Domain Support

Do you have inactive data sitting on on-premises shares? Migrate this data directly to an archive Egnyte Connect domain with our Cloud Migration Manager for safekeeping.

Detailed Reporting

Keep large-scale migrations organized with detailed reports that encompass every action. Review the automatically generated graphs and examine the individual files, folders, and permissions along with their respective statuses. Reports can be easily downloaded from the UI and viewed in Microsoft Excel or other CSV readers.



For more information, please refer to our Cloud Migration Manager Overview article on the Helpdesk.


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