HTTP Error Codes

There are different reasons as to why Desktop Sync may fail to sync. Most common reasons are network errors which could be as simple as intermittent connectivity such as working on Wifi or by closing/re-opening a laptop lid which can cause a machine to sleep. This can happen on any network and is not specific to any particular ISP or network type.

However, there are certain errors that can be caused by permissions or other failures which may be presented as error codes. These common error codes are noted below, and what actions to perform when you encounter them.

Error Code Reason Action
http_code: -6 Couldn't resolve host (DNS error) Please check for any anti-virus or firewall. If possible turn them off and try again.
http_code: -7 Connection error Please check for any anti-virus or firewall. If possible turn them off and try again.
http_code: -18 Partial file- A file transfer was shorter or larger than expected.

This happens when the server first reports an expected transfer size and then delivers data that doesn't match the previously given size.

Logs can be checked and the issue can be sorted by looking at the file causing problems.

http_code: -28 Timeout The client will retry the sync. No action required.
http_code: -35 SSL protocol error Network issue wherein during SSL/TLS handshake or while establishing a secure connection, the connection keeps dropping. Check the sync in another network to see if the issue persists.
http_code: -42 Callback timeout Check firewall settings which monitors the HTTP traffic. Websense is one such firewall that can cause this error.
http_code: -52 Got nothing - Nothing was returned from the server, and under the circumstances, getting nothing is considered an error. Mostly a temporary error and it should recover on its own.
http_code: -55 Failure sending network data This issue is mostly caused by the firewall rules which can deny access. Check firewall rules and try again.
http_code: -56 Failure receiving network data This issue is mostly caused by the firewall rules which can deny access. Check firewall rules and try again.
http_code: -60 Certificate error The certificate error could be an issue if the sync application is being blocked by antivirus or a pop-up blocker in the browser.
http_code: -400 Bad Request by the server Contact our support team.
http_code: -401 Unauthorized Check if the credentials for the authenticating user have changed. A bad password is a typical cause of this error.
http_code: -403 Forbidden  Check if the user facing this issue has the proper folder permissions at the required locations.
http_code: -404 Not Found This may be a temporary or permanent condition. Contact support if the error persists for a longer duration.
http_code: -409 Request could not be processed because of conflict in the request, such as a conflict between multiple simultaneous updates or conflicting destination paths. Look for the file and see if there is any conflict with the folder name/path. Fix the issue at the source and then sync. If the issue still persists, contact support.
http_code: -410 The requested resource is no longer available on the server. The requested resource is no longer available on the server. Please contact our support team.
http_code: -429 The client/app is being blocked from the backend.  This is a new error code introduced by KONG, a service that detects abuse from Egnyte applications that is causing a huge amount of calls that can disrupt a service e.g. Backups, Scanning, Viruses/Malwares running against the data within an Egnyte app. Escalate these case as an ESC and assign to egnyteops. 


In case of any errors with http error code 5xx, please contact and file a support case. Although these errors recover on their own, it is in the best interest to keep the support team looped in to review issues so we can provide a quick solution.

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