Cloud Migration Manager Best Practices

Here are some best practices to get the most from Cloud Migration Manager.

Use Cases

New Customer

  • Data is currently on on-premises shares. You want to migrate the data to your Egnyte domain. Users will access Egnyte data through the Web UI, Desktop App, and/or Desktop Sync.
  • On-premises shares with old data that you want to archive in the cloud instead.

Existing Customer

  • Your company has a new acquisition and you need to move the acquisition's data from a local server to your Egnyte domain.
  • Legacy server are sitting in the office and you want to move them to an Egnyte archive domain.


Migration Strategy

Migration workflow

Choose your Egnyte folder structure before you start migrating data. For tips on creating an Egnyte folder structure, please refer to this article. Once the folder structure is created and migrated, use Cloud Migration Manager to migrate your folder permissions. For questions about permissions, please refer to our Permissions FAQs article. Ensure that all folder permissions are applied before you start to migrate files; this will prevent users from accessing sensitive files. Lastly, migrate your files. We recommend that you upload your files in multiple batches, where each job has less 4 million objects (number of files + number of folders).

Migration timeframe for active data

For active data, choose to migrate only during off hours such as weekends and 5pm-8am on weekdays. This will limit the number of data changes that occur during the migration process and allow Cloud Migration Manager to take advantage of the available bandwidth.

Migrating archive data

Do you have any older information that is not required for every day access? Migrate this data to an archive domain. Please contact to enable this flag. 



  • Recommended Number of Objects per Migration Job: 4 million
  • Only 1 admin account on 1 domain per instance of Cloud Migration Manager
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