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Desktop App 2.0.1 for Windows (5/1/2017)

The Egnyte Connect Desktop App allows users to seamlessly access to all of their corporate and private files with a single desktop client. The Desktop App is now available on Windows and includes a beta feature that admins can enable to allow users to choose folders to sync for offline access.


Sync folders for offline access

Need access to some folders when you are offline? Let Egnyte Connect Desktop App keep selected folders synchronized to your computer. Any changes you make while offline are automatically uploaded once an internet connection is reestablished.


Admins can enable this beta feature for their domain directly from Egnyte’s web interface in the Applications tab under Configuration.


Sync from multiple accounts

Customers with multiple Egnyte accounts can set up multiple drives with sync capability! Furthermore, multiple users on the same machine may add their own accounts; the Desktop App will ensure that each user can only access content from their own account.


How to Upgrade

Download Egnyte Connect Desktop App from the Latest Installers page on the Helpdesk. The Desktop App is a direct upgrade from Egnyte Drive and has the same user interface.

For more information, please refer to our Egnyte Connect Desktop App article on the Helpdesk.

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