Egnyte for iOS 6.8 (4/17/2017)

The Egnyte Mobile iOS 6.8 release features universal preview and mobile device entitlement.

Universal Preview

View your Egnyte files in the Egnyte app for the best and consistent preview experience.  Click on an Egnyte link on your mobile device and it will seamlessly open in the Egnyte mobile app.


Mobile Device Entitlement

Egnyte can help you protect company data by controlling how mobile endpoints interact with files.  With device entitlement, users can login and gain access to their Egnyte files only if they are using the Egnyte mobile app on company-managed devices.  Otherwise, the app will provide banned or partial access.  For more information, please refer to the Device Entitlement article on the Helpdesk.

Other Updates

  • Users can more easily enable Touch ID with the improved workflow when passcode is set as a requirement for that domain.
  • Upon popular request, videos are automatically looped back to the beginning after finished playing.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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