Web UI: Restrict Mobile Platform Usage (5/1/2017)

This Web UI release features the ability to restrict mobile platform usage and the addition of the upload date in the file versions dialog.

Restrict Mobile Platform Usage

Administrators can now restrict which mobile platform(s) can be used on their domain.  Administrators with the Mobile Device Control package can change mobile app options under Settings → Configuration → Mobile.


View Upload Date in File Versions Dialog

The file versions dialog now displays the file’s upload date to quickly view the age of a file.



Exclude File Types from Syncing to Cloud

Administrators can restrict which file types users are allowed to add to Desktop Sync. Users can still download files with the restricted file extensions but uploads are not possible. Administrators can modify this list under Settings → Configuration → Applications → Sync.


Two-Factor Authentication for Standard Users

Administrators can increase account security for standard users by requiring them to use two-factor authentication. Administrators can adjust two-factor authentication requirements under Settings → Configuration → Security & Authentication.



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