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Terminal Server connection to Egnyte Storage Sync Share

Egnyte Storage Sync is not fully compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server environments.
When deploying Windows Server, and implementing a multi user remote desktop environment, users that log into terminal server and connect to the Egnyte Storage Sync share could see access and permission issues.
In the past, Windows Server had started a SMB session for each user connection to the remote share.  However, Windows now has optimized / aggregates their multi-user samba protocol and uses a single process that multiplexes user connections to the share.  This change along with other Samba updates breaks the permission format for Storage Sync.  Some symptoms include frequent disconnections, or if a connection is made, the permissions to the previously connected user are used instead the intended user.
Egnyte plans to address the Windows Terminal Server connection architecture in a future release and will post an update on this article. 
  1.  Consider Egnyte Drive to connect to the Egnyte share for user access from Terminal Server

  2.  Deploy a previous release of Storage Sync that supports multi-user access from Windows Server to Storage Sync

  3.  Egnyte Unified Client - Auto access to content via Egnyte Drive / Desktop App or Storage Sync

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