To ensure a smooth migration, please review the Using Cloud Migration Manager to migrate to Egnyte article for requirements and other helpful information before getting started. You'll also want to consider the following:

  • Keep both data and permissions unchanged while running the migration process. Once the job has completed, the next migration job does not capture differences from a previous job.
  • Limit data changes by starting migrations during non-business hours.
  • CMM does not support a proxy server connected to the Internet.
  • CMM does not connect to Windows Server across VPN or MPLS connections.
  • If Cloud Migration Manager needs to be re-registered with a new Egnyte cloud, download a new Cloud Migration Manager from Egnyte and re-deploy to a new Virtual Machine.

Download Cloud Migration Manager for VMware

Download Cloud Migration Manager for Hyper-V

Additional Resources

Once you've downloaded the installers and you're ready to begin, the Cloud Migration Manager Product Guide will walk you through the process.