Desktop Sync 9.1.0 for Windows and Mac (5/2/2017)

This Desktop Sync release includes the ability for admins to prevent files with certain extensions from being uploaded by Desktop Sync clients.

Sync Exclusions

Admins can now define a list of file extensions that Desktop Sync clients should not upload to the cloud. Desktop Sync will continue to download existing files with the defined extensions, but updates or new files will not sync to the cloud and remain only on users' machines.


Admins control which extensions can be uploaded by Desktop Sync from the web interface



Users see a descriptive message when files are not uploaded due to sync exclusions


Other Updates

  • Added support for Windows 10 Creators update.
  • Fix to prevent login prompts when a machine is restarted if the SILENT install flag is used.
  • Improved messaging to distinguish between a file not being uploaded due to being locked in the cloud or due to a lack of permissions to the parent folder.
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