Storage Sync 11.0 for Netgear (4/5/2017)

Storage Sync 11.0 for Netgear expands scalability and usability with an enhanced UI, the ability to enable automatic upgrades, and self service password reset capabilities for users.

Enhanced Storage Sync UI

The Storage Sync 11.0 has an enhanced user experience with a simplified installation workflow and a new intuitive UI to set custom configurations.



Automatic Upgrades

Automatically upgrade your Storage Sync device when a new version is available.  Administrators can select a defined upgrade window within the UI for minimum user disruption.


Self Service Password Reset

Users that are not authenticated with Active Directory can access a new user interface to update their passwords.  These users must already be provisioned in the Netgear interface and mapped to a corresponding cloud account.



How to Upgrade to 11.0

Directly upgrade to Storage Sync for Netgear 11.0 from versions 10.2.5 and above.  This first requires updating the Netgear ReadyNAS firmware to version 6.7.1.  Download the Storage Sync for Netgear package from the Egnyte Helpdesk and save it to your computer.  Use the Netgear UI App tab to upload and install the new Storage Sync package.

Prior to updating Storage Sync, please ensure that the NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware has been updated to 6.7.1.

The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

  • Version 10.2.5 → 11.0
  • Version 10.2.7 → 11.0
  • Version 10.3.x → 11.0

For versions of Storage Sync for Netgear prior to 10.2.5, please contact Egnyte Support.


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