Web UI: Zoom Capabilities for Preview (3/20/2017)

This Web UI release features zoom capabilities when previewing your images and documents.

Zoom Capabilities for Preview

Magnify your images and documents to closely inspect desired sections.  When an image or document is zoomed in, it can be dragged around the screen to change the viewable section.


Other Updates

  • Stay updated with your active files while you are on the go.  When a collaborator comments or @mentions you on a file, you will now receive a push notification on your mobile phone in addition to an email notification.
  • The Public API now has the ability to provide all links for a domain with the corresponding link details during a specified time range.  For example, this allows administrators to know when links are created for sensitive data that should not be shared externally.  For more information on using the Public API, please visit the Egnyte Developers Portal.

Simple UI Updates

  • Firefox users can now only upload files via drag-and-drop. Firefox 52 disabled support for the upload folders functionality and that feature has been removed from the Simple UI.  We encourage users to upgrade to the Collaborative UI.
  • The Simple UI now has the same search parameter restrictions as the Collaborative UI. Both regular and cross-domain searches now provide an error notification when the search parameters are outside the 3 to 100 character limit.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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