Web UI: Universal Date Format and More! (3/6/2017)

This Web UI release features a universal date format throughout the UI and updates to Tasks.

Universal Date Format in Web UI

The new date format in the UI accommodates international users as it is now a spelled out month (e.g. Oct. 9, 2017) instead of the original MM/DD/YYYY.  This change is implemented in features across the UI including the Activity Stream, Versions Dialog, and Trash.

For example, the version history of a file now has the below “Date modified” format.


Tasks Updates

Self-Notifications for Tasks

Need a reminder to complete your task?  Assign a task to yourself and you will receive both an in-app and email notification.


New Messaging for Invalid Permissions

When a user tries to assign a task to a folder where the assignee does not have permission, a descriptive error message will appear in the task dialog.


Other Updates

  • For trial accounts, a file link will be invalidated and no longer accessible if the file type is not allowed for trial domains, including exe and zip.
  • Administrators can now utilize up to 20,000 characters each in the Terms of Service and Login Disclaimer messages under Settings → Branding.
  • Customers using GCS as an object storage provider now have a dedicated onboarding flow to connect their Egnyte Account with their Google Cloud Storage.  For more information, please refer to this article on the Helpdesk.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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