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The My Links features is part of a series of improvements to display features critical to the workflow processes more prominently in the UI.  Note: this feature is only available to domains that have file sharing turned on and available to their users.

Links I've Shared

Links I've Received

Accessibility from the Top Navigation

My Links will be accessible from the re-designed top navigation, next to our previously released My Tasks tab.

My Links contains both links that a user has shared as well as received.  Previously, links shared could be found in a user's "My Profile" section; however, this now redirects to My Links.

Links I've Shared

Links I've Shared should be a familiar feature for most users. Now this core data is easier to access and the functionality is consistent with the new Links I've Received tab.

However, some users may notice that the Link Status filter is removed.  The Links I've Shared folder will now only show active or expired links, not deleted links. 

Column Description

There are a variety of icons/recipients shown.  

  • Multiple recipients - will indicate the number of groups / recipients 
  • Individual recipient - will show the user and their profile image if available
  • No recipient indicated - occurs when a link was copied from the "Get Link" option and the user is not signed into the domain at time of access. OR if the user is using the default mail client for sharing links.
Item Name This is the folder or file name and provides information as to whether the item has expired.  Clicking on the file will open the item in Egnyte.  Hovering the mouse over the item also provides the full path for the item.
Date Shared Provides the general time when the link was shared.  For the exact date/time a user can click on the "View Details for that link.
Last Accessed When the link was last accessed by any user viewing the link
Views The number of times the link has been accessed.

The last menu in the row provides quick actions for the link:

Admins can also disable specific or all links:



Links I've Shared - Individual Link Details

Hovering over an individual row with the mouse button will review a "View Details" button.

Which opens up a modal containing link details.

Here, the user can delve into the exact views on the link.

The user can also update some functionality such as link expiration and notification options.

Links I've Received

Thanks to all the great feedback from our customers, the "Links I've Received" tabs contains a lot of information of received links for the domain.

The tab is similar to the Links I've Shared columns and layout.  The key difference is that Created By will show the "Created By" column, which displays the sender's first name and last name.  Date Received will be the date the link was either shared with the user, in the case of email, or when the link was first opened, in the case of a "Get Link" copy.

Hovering over an individual row will bring the option to either "View File" or "View Folder" depending on the type.

Another important feature to note is that while the link list is paginated, clicking on top column headers will reveal sorting ability:

Quickly view all of the active or expired links that you have shared or received with our Link Status filters.


Looking for a link sent from a collaborator? Links I’ve Received now allows you to filter by a specific user.


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