Once you start using links to securely share or request information from others, it's important that you have a place to efficiently manage those links. The My Links feature helps keep links you've shared or received organized. You can also make some changes to links you've shared from Links.

This feature is only available to domains that have file sharing turned on and available to their users. 


Links I've Shared

Links I've Received

All Domain File Server Links



My Links is accessible from the top navigation in the Web UI.Image_5-16-2022_at_3.48_PM.jpg

My Links contain both links that a user has shared and received.

Links I've Shared

The Links I've Shared tab only shows active or expired links, not deleted links. You can filter results by the Link Status.

Column Description

There are a variety of icons/recipients shown.  

  • Multiple recipients: Indicates the number of groups or recipients that the link was shared with.
  • Individual recipient: Shows the user's profile image (if available) and email address.
  • No recipient indicated (-): Occurs when a link was copied from the "Get Link" option and the user accessing the link is not signed into the domain at the time of access, or the user is using the default mail client for sharing links.
Item Name Provides the folder or file name and shows whether the link has expired or been disabled. Clicking on the file will open the item in Egnyte. Hovering the mouse over the item also provides the full path for the item.
Date Shared Provides the general time when the link was shared. For the exact date/time, a user can click View Details.
Last Accessed Approximately when the link was last accessed by any user viewing the link.
Views The number of times the link has been accessed.
Menu (3 dots) Access additional options to Open Link, Go to folder, or Delete Link.

You can also hover over the link to access the View Details option.



View Details

When you click on View Details after hovering over a link, a dialog window (see below) will appear.


From here, users can find information about the link creation, who received the link, link options that were used, and get a copy of the share link.

If you enabled the Notify me when link is clicked option when you created the link, you could click on the x Views option to find additional details about who clicked the link. Depending on who accessed the link (Egnyte domain user or non-user), you may be able to see their name and general information about when and where the link was accessed.

If you set the link to expire, you can change when the link expires if the link hasn't already. Just click Edit next to the expiration information and click Save once done.


You can also update link notification preferences and find the link address here.

Links I've Received

This tab is similar to the Links I've Shared columns and layout. You can still filter results by Link Status as well as Created By. The key difference is that Created By will show the sender's first and last name. Date Received will be the date the link was either shared with the user (Email Link) or when the link was first opened (Get Link).

Hovering over an individual row will bring the option to either View File, View Folder, or Upload Files, depending on the type of link created.


All Domain File Server Links

The All (domain name) File Server Links tab will show all links - I've Shared or links I've received. 

You can filter results by Any Path, Any Status, Created By, or Any Date Accessed links. 

You also have Export links on this tab.