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End of Support for Storage Sync NetApp

Storage Sync for NetApp reached end of support on June 30th 2016.  Egnyte's solution for NetApp's FAS series and E-series storage solutions was built by integrating our technology with ONTAP 7-mode (FPolicy module). NetApp significantly re-architected these API's in ONTAP Cluster Mode (C-Mode) and this requires an architecture overhaul of Egnyte technology stack in order to continue to work on NetApp.

Our engineering team analyzed the effort required to make Storage Sync properly function on ONTAP C-Mode. Based on various constraints of providing an immediate remedy to our customers, we have decided to focus our efforts in helping our existing NetApp customers transition to a viable alternative that provides an equal (if not better) substitute in terms Egnyte functionality and performance.

We understand that the transition can be difficult and are aware of the intrusive nature of such a change. Our team has prepared a comprehensive migration plan to facilitate an easy transition while ensuring business continuity and not incurring migration costs. Your users can still continue to use Egnyte while the migration program is underway.  

Please contact our Customer Success Team and we’ll work with you through a migration program that ensures a smooth transition to a new Storage Sync device.  

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