Using Egnyte with Procore


The Egnyte for Procore integration allows users of Egnyte and Procore to access the full power of the Egnyte Connect Web UI from within the Procore platform. Users can setup one or multiple Egnyte tabs and use Egnyte credentials to log in and access their Procore specific project files and folders managed in Egnyte Connect, but all from within the Procore platform. This document covers the details of setting up the Integration and how it can be best leveraged to drive maximum value for users.



Leverage the full power of Egnyte Web UI from within Procore


  • Upload and share project related files (e.g. plans, photos, videos) with internal and external team members
  • Bring 3rd party integrations into Procore by leveraging the integration context menu of the Egnyte Web UI
  • Keep information up-to-date by embedding the Egnyte folder structure in Procore
  • Retain Egnyte permissions for your users and groups on the folder structure embedded within Procore
  • Use Egnyte reports to understand which files are being utilized by users
  • Make use of the wide range of applications integrated with Egnyte, directly from within Procore (e.g. send documents for signature using an eSignature application or jointly edit files in real time with your team members using Office Online).



Before you can connect your Egnyte and Procore accounts, you must first contact your Procore Account Manager and ask to have a “Custom Tool Tab” named “Egnyte” enabled on your Procore domain. Once you have completed this step, follow the step-by-step guide below to connect your account


Step 1 - Login to your Procore Account

Step 2 - Select a Project (e.g. Project Levi Stadium)


Step 3 - Select the “Egnyte” tab


Step 4 - Select “Configure Egnyte Settings” along the right panel


Step 5 - Insert your preferred Egnyte Connect Folder URL and click “Update Tab.”

Step 6 - Access your Egnyte Connect Project related files within Procore


  • Currently, only one specific folder can be selected per Custom Egnyte Tab - However if user wants they might navigate to their desired folder if the current set folder is not what they want to work on.
  • SSO is not supported by Procore so, Users need to log into Egnyte Connect click the Egnyte Tab



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