Web UI: Task Manager (1/23/2017)

This Web UI release features Task Manager, related UI improvements, and improved frequency of notifications for comments.

Task Manager

Task Manager allows any Egnyte user to create and assign tasks to any other Egnyte user with permission for that file.  Both users (assignor and assignee) will receive notifications in the Web UI as well as e-mail updates regarding due dates and key actions that have been performed for the task (e.g. completing, declining, re-opening).

Quickly access your pending tasks using the new “My Tasks” tab in the Top Bar navigation.

For more details on Task Manager please refer to this article on the Helpdesk.

Improved UI

As part of the Task Manager release, there were multiple changes to the Web UI, including:

  • A new location and styling of the search navigation

  • Prominent placement of “My Bookmarks” at the top of the left panel

Improved Notifications for Comments

Users will now get notified of new comments on a file if the user has posted a comment on that file, been @mentioned on that file, or was the last user to update that file.  These users receive both a notification in the Web UI and by email.

Other Updates

  • Security Improvement: To reduce spam, users are required to confirm their email address before they can share files/folders via the API.  The previous release made this a requirement in the Web UI.
  • Changed the label “Local Storage” to “Device Storage” under Settings -> Configuration -> Applications -> Mobile Applications to clarify that this does not affect Desktop Sync storage.
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