Web UI: Updates to File Comments and More! (1/9/2017)

This Web UI release features increased visibility of file comments, a prompt to submit unsaved comments, a new “Go to Folder” button for shared folders, and the removal of duplicate file versions.

Increased Visibility of File Comments

Automatically view all corresponding comments on a file when it is opened for preview the first time.  If the comments tab is closed or you switch to another tab, the last opened tab will appear the next time you preview the file.

Prompt to Submit Unsaved Comment

Users will receive a warning prompt when trying to leave the current file view when there is text in a comment box that has not been submitted.

New “Go to Folder” Button

Provide access to a shared folder with one click using the “Go to Folder” button instead of our previous hyperlink.  Users with permissions to view the folder will be taken to the full interface in the Web UI.

Remove Duplicate Versions

Quickly view only the file versions with modifications for a cleaner user experience.  When a file is saved multiple times consecutively without any new changes, the duplicate versions will now be removed.  Administrators may also notice a reduction in the amount of used storage space on your domain.  Administrators can also view which duplicate versions were removed in the audit report.

Other Updates

  • When “Send link in user’s default mail client” is enabled, we disable the “Private (recipient only)” option.
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