Web UI: Restrict File Viewing on Mobile (12/19/2016)

This Web UI release features the ability for administrators to restrict opening files in 3rd party applications on mobile devices.

Restrict File Viewing on Mobile

Administrators on accounts with device control can further restrict dissemination of data into unsecure 3rd party applications.  Administrators can now decide whether files can be viewed outside of the Egnyte mobile app.  This option is enabled by default but can be modified in the Web UI by navigating to Configuration → Applications → Mobile Applications → Allow opening files into 3rd party applications.  For more information on mobile device control, please refer to this Helpdesk article.


Other Updates

  • Users must confirm their email address before they can share files via email.  When a user with an unconfirmed email address clicks “Email Link”, the user will see a prompt to confirm their email address.
  • PDFs up to 100MB can be opened in the Web UI.
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