Desktop Sync 9.0.3 for Windows and Mac (12/16/2016)

Updates Include:

  1. A new 'offline mode' when users do not have network connectivity. In this mode, the Desktop Sync icon is semi-transparent and shows the message 'No Connection'.
  2. Fix to prevent cases where a persistent network_error would show even when there was an internet connection.
  3. Fix to prevent cases where users would see an error with no further description due to permissions on the working directory used by Desktop Sync when uploading and downloading files.
  4. Fix to prevent generation of invalid conflict files in cases where another file was open in the same directory.
  5. Fix to prevent an issue where newly added files would sometimes be removed from the Desktop Sync folder if they were added during a sync where internet connection was lost.
  6. Fix to prevent an issue where users would see an error upon installation with a message to see a log file for more details.


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